Mr Saed MuhazuThe Savannah Regional Security Council (REGSEC) led by its Chairman, Saeed Muhazu Jibril has given a four-week ultimatum to rosewood fellers, commercial charcoal burners and illegal miners to leave the region or be dealt with according to law. “We are giving commercial charcoal burners 4 weeks to pack their belongings which are locked up outside the Savannah region. They should take it away because in the next 30 days after this press conference we will not allow any wood, whether it is for Savannah Region or not, we are totally banning every wood that is being cut within the Savannah region,” he added.

This, he says, is to stop illegal rosewood felling and commercial charcoal burning in the Savannah Region. At a press briefing in Damongo in the West Gonja Municipality, the Savannah Regional Minister, Saeed Jibril together with Members of REGSEC, served the notice, adding that the decision of the council came as a result of questions asked during his vetting where he vowed to deal with the menace in his first 30 days in office as Regional Minister.

Mr. Saeed Muhazu Jibril pledged his commitment to deal with those who go against this directive, adding that a seven-member task force headed by the Savannah Regional Police Commander, DCOP, Enock Bediako Adutwum will not allow Rosewood or any form of wood whether with conveyance from the Forestry Commission or not to leave or enter the region.

To ensure a comprehensive implementation of the ban, Mr. Saeed Jibril said REGSEC has already held a stakeholder briefing with all the necessary partners including the Forestry Commission during which they made the council’s position known to them. Meanwhile, the Savannah Regional Police Commander, DCOP Enock Bediako Adutwum has served notice to the general public of his intolerance towards any individual who will prevent the task force from carrying out its mandate.