Prophet Oduro – How Can You Go To Church Without Wearing a Pant?

While preaching to his church members, Prophet Kofi Oduro said “this generation is spoilt to the extent that they will be in the house of God yet they will be discussing issues that add no value to their lives.”

Kofi Oduro added that the youth will be in church and will be asking one another the colour of pants they wear.

Shockingly, he said some even come to church without wearing a pant and they feel so proud telling their friends that they don’t wear pant when coming to church.

Kofi Oduro in an amusing tone said it is only a sick generation that will be discussing the color of pants they wear in church instead of paying attention to the word of God.

Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro is the head Pastor and the founder of Alabaster International Ministries (Alabaster House Chapel. Prophet Kofi Oduro revealed that growing up as a young adult, he always wanted to become a medical doctor. But that dream only became a mirage due to the preferences of his father. Prophet Kofi Oduro with PhD., is a dynamic and prolific preacher.

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