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Four(4) Things You Should Not Beg A Lady For

four things you should never beg a lady for

Finding love is the most challenging aspect of the human life. While self love could be evolving, being loved back cannot be guaranteed. Many men fall prey to predator females when they try to profess love to them. There are many pitfalls the man can get into if not guarded. We have put below few things you do not do as a man to get the love and attention of a woman you want. This can vary depending on the economy, condition and personal experience.


It’s true that love is blind. But when you love yourself well enough and accept your limitations. When you finally identify the ones who truly care about you, and learn from past mistakes in life , then you will stop caring about what other people, mostly the ones who do not know you, think about you. You’ll only end up humiliating yourself. The only love that can be gotten from begging is PITY . Pity is not love .


Never beg a woman for attention. Else you might just have to beg her every day. Begging her for attention is simply out of it. Begging a woman for attention makes you look not just desperate , but also cheap. You are indirectly giving her excess power in the relationship. A lady who loves you as much as she claims to and knows exactly what she is doing will always give you her attention, even without asking for it.

To Remain With You

Persuading or begging a lady to see reasons to stay with you is not something you should never even consider, talk more doing it. Even if she listens to your much pleading and decides to stay, the relationship will never be like it used/ought to. When a woman declares her intention to leave you ,you ought to know that she has longer feelings for you . You need to know that begging her to stay will only make it seem like you are forcing her to stay . LOVE IS NEVER FORCED


Loyalty is another thing you should not beg your woman for . Begging a lady to stay faithful to you is absolutely needless, and will only lead to disappointment. She will only be full of pretense if you start begging a lady to be faithful to you. she would never be honest or even loyalty to you. Faithfulness is a habit that a lady who’s loves truly in love exhibits on a daily. You are better of without any woman that you love to beg loyalty

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