Properties owned by ritualist (Fire Man) of Sunyani Abesim (Video)

We heard of the story that indicated Richard had been killing and selling humans parts for money. More information has popped up after a friend of Richard revealed the properties Richard owns.

A friend of the Abesim murder suspect has exposed his friend revealing the number of taxis and the mansion he was putting up before his infamous arrest.


According to Nyame Noah, Richard Appiah owns 13 taxis and an uncompleted storey building which he has led the Police to and also marked as a crime scene.

Nyame Noah got to know about these properties when he went to Richard Appiah for help as he was jobless.

It was during their conversation that the suspect bragged about owning 13 taxis and an uncompleted building project.

With time Richard Appiah made him assist him in his surveying job and farming but stopped when he started suspecting him of evil.

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