Bevelyn Afaglo blames the Ghana National Fire Service for her house bent

While speaking in an exclusive interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM monitored by, Beverly said her house wouldn’t have burnt into ashes if the fire service had acted fast.

According to her, the Fire Service was on standby for over forty minutes when they arrived at the scene.

Beverly said the Fire Service men said the smoke was too much to stand and so they have to wait for a few minutes.

“The fire service got to my house but were on standby for over 40 minutes but they complained they couldn’t enter because the smoke was too much. I wondered why they didn’t have protective gears.

Fire comes with smoke for crying out loud. How can you tell me you cannot quench the fire because there was too much smoke?

Fire Service didn’t want to enter the room because there was too much smoke.” She worriedly told Andy Dosty.

Bevelyn Afaglo’s house burnt to ashes

She continued that she currently has nothing to boast of because she has everything including her dresses and even slippers.

“I lost everything – my passport, my clothes, my jewelry, bags, everything. I couldn’t save anything. I only stepped out in my slippers, jeggings, sunglasses and t-shirt.” She added.

Beverly Afaglo added that the sad news has left her mother worried and traumatized.

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