A registered nurse at Mamprobi Hospital committs suicide


We lost this beautiful damsel here, a registered nurse at Mamprobi hospital this morning on account of Suicide😭😭😭… a death supposed to be highly preventable due to the lack of application of emotional intelligence and the wickedness meted out to us as nurses and midwives at the clinical settings. It’s bitter and really dehumanising to work as a nurse/Midwife in this country lately😭

Registered Nurse at Mamprobi Hospital

This lady hereinafter called the deceased(Wilhemina Nelson) was found out to be a drug addict(Pethidine) who on some occasions took Pethidine belonging to patients and injected herself.

About 4 months ago, she was found to have collected monies from patients amounting to 3000 Ghana cedis to settle their bills where she issued some receipts to cover up. As this continued, she confided in her father who thought it wise to see the medical director at her home and reported what her daughter had done and refunded the money. The medical director on hearing and receiving the money blew the information received to the management the following morning and this spread as fire.

As if this was not enough, she called for the police to arrest this staff(deceased) and put behind bars for 72hrs and released after a bail. Knowing how humiliating this was, the lady sought for a transfer of which the in-charge then pursued.

All this while before the police brouhaha came in, the in-charge was never consulted. Management decided to put her at the dental unit but the doctor objected to her acceptance at the unit😡😠

Wilhemina Nelson

Later on, our very own DDNSs who are supposed to be our mouthpiece and shoulders to cry on turned out against her and the best they could do was to assign her at gate(entrance) to screen clients and visitors who accessed the facility.

She took her life this dawn and was confirmed clinically dead upon arriving at the facility (Mamprobi hospital)

The question now is, who cares for the caregiver?

Are matters relating to addiction be handled by the police?

Did the management follow the GHS disciplinary procedures to handle the issue???

Was the entrance the best place to put her amidst the stigma????

You may add on….😭😭😭

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