Pastors shouldn’t act like gods-Prophet Kumchacha

Nicholas Osei and popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha and also the founder and leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries spoke on UTV SHOWBIZ monitored by on UTV that, “pastors should not act like gods, but rather should let the members understand that they are also humans.”

Prophet Kumchacha

According to Prophet Kumchaccha, the teachings some pastors give to their church members doesn’t aid them to fully see God as their authentic source of hope and life.

They rather make the church members depend on their pastors for everything. In situations where by the pastor travels, or falls sick, the church members also find different route to seek greener pastures.

Pastors should let their members know that they are humans just like them and capable of falling sick.

Prophet Kumchacha

He added that, some ailments are spiritually manipulated and so people should seek divine assistance, but in normal circumstances, people should seek medical attention when they feel indisposed.

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