“My family survived, but you and your family may burn to death” – Beverly Curses her critics (Video)

The veteran actress became public ridicule for coming out to seek help from Ghanaians and loved ones when she had claimed in an old video that she’s rich

Well, after getting fed up with the insult and the ridicule, the actress of the moment has rained curses on those who have been mocking her misfortunes and making life unbearable for her when she needed them most.

According to Beverly, she is not happy with the way she has been treated for the past few days after losing everything.

At the back of this, she said that though she has lost everything, she has her family and no one is injured but those who are making a mockery out of her might go through similar situation and they might lose everything including their family.

In a live video session on Instagram, she said, “When it happens to you, my family has survived, but you and your family may burn to death. I wish you all the best”

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