Fruitful Light Devotion-Let’s Give Thanks To God



PSALM 107: 1 -2
Give thanks to the Lord because he is good;. His love is eternal!

Repeat these words in praise to the Lord all you whom he has saved, He has rescued you from your enemies.

Beloved God has done great thinks for us;

  1. He have saved us
  2. He has given us a new life
  3. He has given us a new day
  4. He has given us a new glory
  5. He has given us a new favor.
  6. Give thanks to him this morning?

God Bless You.

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Very Rev Sarah Boamah

Very Rev Sarah Boamah is the senior pastor of Fruitful Light Ministry which is located at Kromuase Newsite opp Millenium Hospital. She is very anointed and humble. She has the grace of God working on her side. You shall be blessed under her unction.

Reach her on: 0244709231

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